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An eReferral can be securely shared between healthcare providers to include medical records.

What is an eReferral?

Referrals are an important clinical process. In Australia, there are many forms of referral-related communications with the majority originating from GPs to specialists.

The Agency's eReferral specification supports the seamless exchange of significant patient information from one treating healthcare provider to another via a national system of creating, storing and sharing referral reports.

The My Health Record system supports the collection of eReferrals. When a healthcare provider creates an eReferral, it will be sent directly to the intended recipient, as per current practices. A copy may also be sent to the My Health Record system.

eReferrals can be sent and received directly between healthcare providers (point-to-point), through secure messaging, and/or uploaded to and retrieved from a patient's My Health Record (point-to-share).

What information is included in an eReferral?

When an eReferral is created, structured fields give the sender the ability to include information about the patient's:

  • current and past medical history;
  • current medications;
  • allergies / adverse reactions; and
  • diagnostic investigations (optional).

The "Reason for Referral" section provides a free text field for the referrer to include additional content regarding the patient's clinical story. As done with paper referrals, this could include a synopsis of the case, presenting problems, the service that is requested, pertinent history or key physical findings etc.

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