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The consolidated immunisation view displays details of a patient’s immunisations recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and in any shared health summaries or event summaries in their record.

The view shows an immunisation history, including date, disease, vaccine details including batch number and vial serial number, dose, source and a link to the source document.

The immunisation view is available via conformant clinical information systems and the National Provider Portal.

Clinical information systems

The consolidated immunisation view will be included in a patient’s My Health Record Document List available through your clinical information system.

Step-by-step instructions are available from the clinical software summary sheets page.

Example view showing available fields: 

The tabs at the top of the view, Australian Immunisation Register, Shared Health Summary, Event Summary allow a filtered view of any source documents in My Health Record that contain immunisation information. 

The COVID-19 Immunisation Status field displays if at least one COVID-19 vaccine has been received. The status will be:

  • ‘This individual has not received all required COVID-19 vaccines' if someone has had only one vaccine; or
  • ‘This individual has received all required COVID-19 vaccines.’ 

If a patient chooses not to have AIR information uploaded to their record, their immunisations view will only show details of immunisations from shared health summaries or event summaries in their record. It will not show their immunisation status, due dates or any other information from AIR.

If a patient had a record created through assisted registration, the option to include AIR information may be set to No. The webpage What to do if information is missing explains how they can change this setting to Yes, so they and their healthcare providers have easy access to their immunisation information.

Alternatively, healthcare providers can download and print this one-page document for their patients.

National Provider Portal

Example immunisation view from the Immunisation Records tab showing the different fields that may display in a record. 

Immunisation status, due date and notices

This information come from the AIR. 

Immunisation status

This information is displayed if AIR has a National Immunisation Program (NIP) or COVID status recorded.

  • The NIP status shows for those eligible for vaccines under the NIP.
  • The COVID-19 immunisation status displays if someone has had at least one COVID-19 vaccine.

Next immunisations due

NIP immunisations

Upcoming NIP immunisations are shown with a grey background. They are highlighted orange and marked as due three months before the actual due date. A month after the due date, they are highlighted red and marked as overdue.

COVID-19 vaccinations

The second COVID-19 vaccination due date is calculated from the date of the first vaccine and the maximum date interval recommended by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) until the second vaccine. Once this date has passed, the second vaccine is considered overdue.


If there is additional information recorded in the AIR, this is displayed in a Notices section. This may include details about immunisation exemptions or participation in vaccine trials.

Immunisation history table

The immunisation history table can be filtered by source using the drop list and the table can be sorted by date order.

By default, immunisation details for children are sorted by date given (oldest at the top) and immunisation details for adults are sorted with the most recent at the top.