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As a healthcare provider, soon you and your patients will be able to view a list of all Pharmacist Shared Medicines Lists (PSML) that have been uploaded to a My Health Record. 

This is a list of medicines a consumer is known to be taking including prescribed, over-the-counter and complementary medicines at the time the list is created.

A small number of software vendors have started to develop code in their products so that pharmacists can upload PSMLs in clinical practice. It is expected that these capabilities will be progressively rolled out throughout the 2019-20 financial year.

A Pharmacist Shared Medicines List (PSML) contains information about the medicines your patient was known to be taking at the time the list was created.  

The list includes medicines that have been prescribed to the patient by their doctors and other non-prescription medication that they may be taking (such as aspirin) and other known over the-counter medicines. 

A Pharmacist Shared Medicines List could be created by: 

•    a pharmacist after completing an in-pharmacy medicine review 
•    a pharmacist in preparing a dose administration aid  
•    a hospital pharmacy for patients when they are discharged. 

Pharmacist Shared Medicines List can benefit patients with a complex condition or chronic disease and who are taking multiple medications.

Watch now: The Pharmacist Shared Medicines List - Kevin's story

The Pharmacist Shared Medicines List in My Health Record can help reduce the 250,000 medicine-related problems in Australia every year. See how the Pharmacist Shared Medicines List in My Health Record can help older Australians like Kevin reduce the chances of medicine-related problems.

What is the difference between the Pharmacist Shared Medicines List and the Medicines Information view?

Rather than reviewing every available clinical document in your patient’s My Health Record, the information in the Medicines Information view gathers and sorts by name or date any medicines information from their most recent prescription and dispense record, recent shared health summary or hospital discharge summary.

The Medicines Information view includes allergies and adverse reactions from clinical documents as well as patient entered.

A link to the most recent PSML will also be provided in the Medicines Information view.

Only a pharmacist can prepare and upload a Pharmacist Shared Medicines List to a patient’s My Health Record at this stage.