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This page steps you through setting up Individual Healthcare Indicators (IHIs) for your organisation.

This step is required for organisations using clinical software to:

  • access the My Health Record system
  • download patients' individual healthcare identifiers (IHI)
  • use Secure Message Delivery.

Pre-requisites for this step

Before completing this step, your organisation should already have:

  • Received confirmation of successful registration of your Seed HPI-O with the HI Service along with your 16 digit HPI-O number, RO and OMO numbers, and instructions about how to apply for a NASH PKI Organisation Certificate.
  • Your healthcare providers should have obtained or applied for their HPI-Is and provided these to your Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO).

Find out more about prerequisites to set up access to the My Health Record system using your clinical information system.

Set up steps

  1. Check that you are using a version of your clinical software that connects to the HI Service. You can check your software on the Software products using digital health page.
  2. Add your HPI-O to your clinical software.
  3. Add your healthcare providers' HPI-Is to your clinical software.
  4. Install your Medicare PKI certificate (if you have received one) in your clinical software. Contact your software vendor for guidance on how to install PKI certificates in your clinical software.
  5. Online self-service management of your organisation’s details in the HI service can be done by accessing the Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) using your Medicare/HI individual PKI certificate or PRODA.

Your software vendor may provide software guides for some of the above steps. Contact your software vendor for further assistance.

Note: For providers to upload clinical documents in some clinical software, listing the HPI-I in the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) is mandatory.

For Healthcare Providers registering to the My Health record after July 21, your organisations details will be entered into the HPD automatically.  

If you didn't consent for your organisation to be listed in the HPD when you registered with the healthcare identifier (HI) service prior to July 21, you can:

  • log in to HPOS and select the HI Service link, and update information under the 'My organisation details' link
  • call the HI Service enquiry line 1300 361 457 to confirm that you agree to have your organisation's details published in the HPD.

Verifying your clinical software can connect to the HI Service

Once you have followed the set-up steps above, it is recommended that you verify your clinical software is successfully connected to the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service by downloading a patient's Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) number.

A Healthcare Provider with a HPI-I or an authorised employee at the organisation should follow the steps below to download a patient’s IHI number.

Suggested steps to download a patient's IHI number

Step 1

In your clinical software, select and view a patient record that:

  • does not have an IHI recorded against it, and
  • has been recently used in an electronic transaction with Services Australia.

Step 2

Check that data entered in the following fields appears to be valid:

  • Medicare Card number or DVA number
  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Address 

Step 3

Use the function in your Clinical Software to request the patient's IHI.

Step 4

If the software reports the result as successful, check that the patient's IHI data field contains 16 digits and that the IHI Status fields show the IHI as being 'verified'. 

Step 5

If the result is not successful, there may be a number of reasons why an exact match is not possible:

  • The practice may need to review the data it holds to determine currency (e.g. patient change of name) and accuracy (e.g. date of birth is recorded correctly). This can be checked with the patient at their next visit and updates made to the data in your Desktop Software.
  • The patient may not have renewed their current details with Services Australia. It would be helpful to advise the patient to contact Services Australia (Medicare) to have their data checked and updated.
  • You may need to check that the practice software has been correctly installed.

When you have successfully downloaded a patient's IHI into your Clinical Software system, you can be confident that your software can interact with the HI Service as intended.

Using a contracted service provider

If you are using a contracted service provider (CSP) to access the HI Service, you will need to link your HPI-O number to their CSP Number in the HI Service. You will need to contact your CSP to obtain their CSP number. The CSP linkage can be done using HPOS by your Responsible Officer (RO) or Organisational Maintenance Officer (OMO). See the HPOS CSP Linking Quick Reference Guide for guidance. Alternatively, you can call the HI Service enquiry line on 1300 361 457.