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My Health Record brings together health information from healthcare providers across the sector, allowing important patient information to be shared between them.

Electronic access to these clinical documents supports the continuity of care, and improves the interactions between healthcare providers and patients.

My Health Record does not replace existing health records. Rather, it supplements these with a high-value, shared source of patient information.

Information available through My Health Record can include:

There are also a number of ways you can view a patient’s test result history, including:

Consumer entered information

  • Personal health summary – individuals can enter information about allergies and adverse reactions, and current medications into their My Health Record. This data can be viewed by healthcare providers.
  • Advance care planning document – individuals can upload a document that outlines their preferences for personal care and health outcomes.
  • Advance care document custodian – individuals can enter the contact information of a person or organisation who is a holder of their advance care planning document (or "living will").
  • Emergency contact details – individuals can create a list of important emergency contacts in their My Health Record, which is visible to healthcare providers.
  • Personal health notes – individuals can enter information to help them keep track of their health, i.e. like a health journal. The system dates each note, which includes an entered title and the entered text. These notes are not visible to healthcare providers.
  • Child development – Parents can record information about their child’s growth and development and other useful information. The objective is to provide an integrated view of a child's health status for the parents/guardian and healthcare providers involved in the child's care.

With the exception of personal health notes, this information is visible to healthcare providers through the National Provider Portal and is also available in some clinical information systems.

See Software products using digital health for information on software products that are conformant. Healthcare providers should ensure they are using the latest version of their CIS as the My Health Record system will continue to evolve over time and add new document types and services.

Medicare overview

An individual can choose to include Medicare information in their My Health Record.

This can include up to two years of past MBS/DVA and PBS/RPBS claims information (where available) and all future MBS/DVA and PBS/RPBS claims information, as well as their organ and tissue donation decisions, which are sourced from the Australian Organ Donor Register.

Healthcare providers can access an individual's Medicare information through the Medicare Overview or the Document List.