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My Health Record is a secure online summary of an individual’s health information, and is available to all Australians. Healthcare providers authorised by their healthcare organisation can access My Health Record to view and add to their patients’ health information.

My Health Record does not replace existing health records. Rather, it supplements these with a high-value, shared source of patient information that can improve care planning and decision making.

Information available through My Health Record can include, a patient’s health summary, medication prescribing and dispensing history, pathology reports, diagnostic imaging reports and discharge summaries.

See the full list of information that My Health Record contains.

Most Australians now have a My Health Record. As more people and healthcare organisations use the My Health Record system, Australia’s national health system will become better connected. 

Benefits to healthcare professionals

Important patient information will be available to you quickly and exactly when needed. Other benefits include more time with patients – less time chasing clinical information and investigations, resending or chasing referrals, scanning, printing, filing and posting.

This, in turn, will lead to better information sharing between different sources, for example between GPs and hospitals.

Discover more benefits of the My Health Record system.

Accessing a patient’s My Health Record

Providers associated with organisations already registered for My Health Record can access a patient’s My Health Record in two ways:

  • Through hospital and practice-based clinical information systems that are My Health Record-ready
  • Over the web, through a desktop, tablet or mobile phone web browser

Registering your organisation is a three-step process, which you can start online now.

Security and privacy

Security is a key design element of the My Health Record system, which adheres to Australian Government security requirements. My Health Record data is stored in Australia, and is protected by high grade security protocols to detect and mitigate against external threats. The system is tested frequently to ensure these mechanisms are robust and working as designed. 

Find out more about My Health Record system security.

Learn more about using My Health Record

Information on this website will help you understand more about who can register to access the My Health Record system, how to register, how to incorporate it into your workflow, and how to manage it in compliance with My Health Record rules and guidelines.