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Essential information

If you have been appointed as a nominated representative of a person who has a My Health Record, you can access their My Health Record online. A nominated representative must act in accordance with the will and preferences of the person whose My Health Record they are accessing in connection with My Health Record system.

Your privacy

Depending on the access rights which have been given to you, you may need to verify your identity when you set up online access for the first time.

If you are a ‘full access’ nominated representative, you will be required to either provide the Identity Verification Code (IVC) which has been given to you (which is separate from the Personal Access Code), or verify your identity by answering questions based on your Medicare records. In this second case, the information you provide will be collected by the My Health Record System Operator (who is the Secretary of the Department of Health and Ageing) and shared with the Healthcare Identifiers service operator and other Commonwealth agencies to verify your identity. We will also collect personal information about you – for example, date of birth and address – from other Commonwealth agencies (such as Chief Executive Medicare) to verify your identity, create a My Health Record and maintain the My Health Record system.

This collection and disclosure of information is authorised under the My Health Records Act 2012 and the Healthcare Identifiers Act 2010.

We will use the personal information we collect from you and others for registration, administration, maintenance, monitoring and population of your My Health Record. We will also use your personal information to administer the My Health Record system more broadly. This would include, for example, monitoring the security, integrity and efficiency of the system.

We use private sector firms to help deliver the My Health Record system. They will see, use and disclose, and in some cases store, your personal information as part of this work. These firms are required to treat your information with the same level of respect, privacy and security as we are.

We will disclose information about you to the Department of Human Services and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, in order to verify the accuracy of information you supply with your application. This includes information necessary to verify your identity and your consent to include information held by Chief Executive Medicare in your My Health Record.

Before you access or create your My Health Record, the information you provide to verify your identity is collected and used by the myGov site and Department of Human Services, and not the My Health Record System Operator. Once you have verified your identify, any information you provide is for the My Health Record System Operator.

Read the full Privacy Statement.

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Last updated 15 June 2016