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Last updated 03 April 2016

Assisted Registration - Readiness checklist

The following checklist provides a summary of the key steps to prepare for Assisted Registration.

  • Eligibility to provide Assisted Registration
    To provide Assisted Registration, your organisation must be registered as a healthcare provider organisation with the My Health Record system. For more information about participating in the My Health Record system, visit My Health Record website or email
  • Resources and training
    Assess what resources might be required to offer Assisted Registration to your patients. The time and resources required will depend on your organisation’s approach to patients to whom you provide Assisted Registration, such as whether your organisation will target particular cohorts or patients in general, or whether you will have staff dedicated to providing this service or performing it among other duties. You must authorise and provide training for employees who will provide Assisted Registration on behalf of your organisation.
  • Policies
    Your organisation must develop and implement a written policy to support the provision of Assisted Registration. Legislation requires your organisation to have a policy in place that reasonably addresses how it will authorise employees to provide Assisted Registration, the training that will be provided before an employee is authorised, how your organisation will record individual consent and how individuals will be identified for Assisted Registration.
  • Privacy
    Your organisation must be aware of its privacy obligations under the Commonwealth’s Privacy Act 1988 or the privacy law of your state or territory. You will need to comply with the obligations when you provide Assisted Registration.
  • Forms and information
    Ensure Essential Information and Assisted Registration application forms are available for your patients. Go to My Health Record website to obtain these forms.
  • Software
    Your organisation will need to have the Assisted Registration Tool or equivalent software which supports Assisted Registration.
  • Advice
    You may want to seek independent legal advice if you have questions about your obligations.

If you have completed each of the steps described above and you understand your organisation’s role and obligations in providing Assisted Registration, you are ready to begin providing Assisted Registration to individuals.

For more information about participating in the My Health Record system and Assisted Registration, visit My Health Record website, phone 1800 723 471 or email

Last updated 03 April 2016