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Last updated 03 April 2016

Prepare to get access

How this process works

There are four steps that you will need to follow to setup online access to a My Health Record. These steps are:

  1. Read essential information
  2. Create a myGov account or login to your existing account
  3. Enter your Personal Access Code (PAC)
  4. Verify your identity (if necessary)
  5. =
  6. Process complete

Accessing someone's My Health Record using a Personal Access Code (PAC)

Whether you have a My Health Record or not does not prevent you being appointed as a Nominated Representative or Full Access Nominated Representative of another person.

If someone gives you a Personal Access Code (PAC) to access their My Health Record, we recommend you to read the Information about the Personal Access Code (PAC) and how to use it as there are differences in the process for a My Health Record owner accessing someone’s record using a PAC compared to an individual who does not have a My Health Record.

What you are going to need

Because health records can contain sensitive personal information, we need to make sure you are who you say you are. To do this, we will ask you a number of questions to verify your identity.

In order to complete the online identity verification process we will need to locate your Medicare record and ask you questions from that record. If you do not want us to use this information, you cannot continue with this online registration process.

To answer these questions, you will need:

Medicare card or DVA card

Your BSB and bank account number into which you have asked Medicare to pay benefits directly, if you've arranged this with Medicare

Your address as recorded by Medicare

Information about your last doctor's visit for which a Medicare claim was made (including visits where you had no out of pocket expenses)

You do not have to answer all questions that are asked when verifying your identity. You just have to answer enough correctly to pass the registration identity check. So if you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t quit the process. Skip that question and try the next one.

If you have been given an Identity Verification Code (IVC), we will not need to ask you questions about your Medicare record.

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Last updated 03 April 2016