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Last updated 25 May 2017

Frequently Asked Questions – ePIP

You have received this letter because your practice is registered to receive the eHealth Practice Incentive Program and it has either not uploaded the required number of shared health summaries over the period 1 May 2016 - 31 January 2017 or your practice ID cannot be linked to your HPI-O.

If you have emailed the, the Department of Health has received a higher than expected number of emails and will respond as soon as possible.

Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation (HPI–O) — identifies the healthcare provider organisation where healthcare is provided, such as hospitals, medical practices, pathology or radiology laboratories and pharmacies. When an organisation applies with the Healthcare identifier (HI) services to participate in My Health Record they are assigned with an HPI-O. If your organisation has participated in the My Health Record (previously PCEHR) you would have received a HPI-O.

If you are unaware what your HPI-O is, you can easily find out in the following ways:

1) The letter you received from Department of Human Services.

2) If you are participating in the ePIP, your software has been setup with your HPI-O.

PDF version: instructions on how to locate your HPI-O on your in-practice clinical information system (PDF763 KB)

If you have reviewed your records and do not agree with the assessment made by the Department of Health with regards to your shared health summary upload figures, please email us at with the following information:

  • Your practice name
  • Your HPI-O
  • Your PIP ID
  • Evidence of your shared health summary uploads. This could include screen shots from your software program

Debts cannot be waived. Under the Public Governance and Accountability Act the Australian Government is required collect monies it is owed on behalf of Australian taxpayers.

A formal debt recovery notice will be sent to your practice.

No. Interest will not be charged. Penalties may apply if you do not respond to a formal debt recovery notice. Your practice may also be withdrawn from the ePIP for continued non-compliance.

Repayment of funds:

How do I calculate how much money I owe?

Practices that did not upload the required number of shared health summaries over the period 1 May 2016 to 31 January 2017 fall into three categories:

Category 1: No shared health summary uploads

All money received for the ePIP incentive is required to be repaid. The amount you received is detailed in paragraph 2 of the letter.

Category 2: 1 to 49% of shared health summaries uploaded

Practices that uploaded less than 50% of their required number of shared health summary uploads are required to repay all funds received, however if they met their shared health summary upload targets in a single quarter the funds received for that quarter may be retained. The table at the top of your letter provides information of which quarter (if any) you met your upload target in.

The amount received each quarter is detailed in your quarterly payment advice statement from the Department of Human Services.

Category 3: 50 to 99% of shared health summaries uploaded

Practices that uploaded more than 50% of their required number of shared health summary uploads are required to repay the portion of the target that wasn’t met.

For example:

Total funds received $24,375

ePIP Payment Calculation
1 May – 31 July 2016 1 August – 31 October 2016 1 November – 31 January 2017
Shared health summary target = 75 Shared health summary uploads = 60 Percentage of uploads = 60 / 75 * 100 = 80% Percentage to be repaid = 20% Funds to be repaid – $24,375 * 0.2 = $4,875

Yes, please complete the voluntary acknowledgment of incorrect payment form an invoice will be issued to you. The invoice will outline the repayment options, including how to request a repayment plan.

Future PIP payments cannot be reduced in order to repay this debt. Should it be required, a payment plan can be arranged.

Please email with the following information:

  • Your practice name
  • Your HPI-O
  • Your PIP ID
  • The quarter(s) in which you are seeking an exemption
  • The reasons that you are seeking an exemption
  • Evidence to support the reasons you are seeking an exemption

You can seek an exemption for one or more quarters if your practice experienced ongoing technical difficulties that prevented the upload of shared health summaries for the majority of a quarter.

No. If a practice has been able to upload claims information to Medicare it is considered that there has been sufficient access to the internet to also upload shared health summaries.

No. A practice is able to opt out of an individual quarter if it has insufficient staff to meet its upload targets.

No. More than 4.7 million Australians have a My Health Record. The percentage of registered My Health Record users significantly exceeds the percentage of shared health summary uploads required by each practice. If you do believe that you are unable to participate in the ePIP incentive you may opt out or withdraw at any time.

Last updated 28 April 2016