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Last updated 03 April 2016

My Health Record - What you should know before you get one

My Health Record Quick facts

My Health Record is the new name of the national digital health record system. Having a My Health Record means your important health information like allergies, medical conditions and treatments, medicine details, test or scan reports can be digitally stored in one place.

Healthcare providers like doctors, specialists and hospital staff can see it online from anywhere at any time when they need to, like in an accident or emergency.

Over 2.6 million Australians already have a My Health Record (once called the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record or PCEHR). Nearly 2,000 Australians are signing up every day.

As more people use the My Health Record system, Australia’s national health system will become better connected. This will result in better, faster and more efficient care for you and your family.

If you don’t want a My Health Record automatically created for you, your dependants, or anyone for whom you are the nominated carer, you will need to tell us between 4 April and 27 May 2016.

From mid-June 2016 onwards your My Health Record will be available for you to use (unless you choose to cancel it, by telling us).

If you already have a My Health Record, you will not get another one. If you had a PCEHR, but cancelled it, you will not have one created.

My Health Record is protected and regulated by law, just like online banking. If you have questions about getting a My Health Record, tell us.

Tell Us…

Go to
Call our Help line on 1800 723 471
Visit a Medicare Service Centre

What happens now? 2016 Timeline

Late March: Letter arrives
You will be notified that your My Health Record will be created automatically from your Medicare information.

27th May: Tell us
If you don't want a My Health Record, tell us between 4 April and 27 May 2016. We will need to verify your identity.

15th June: Your My Health Record is created
To access your record for the first time go to You will need some identification to get started. You will be able to:
Customise Your My Health Record
  • Choose to get an email or SMS notification when a doctor first goes into your My Health Record
  • Add your emergency contact details
  • Choose which Medicare and other information can be included in your My Health Record. If you don't want this
  • information included, tell us by 14 July 2016
  • Limit who can see your My Health Record
Note: your doctor won't be able to see your My Health Record yet

15th July: Healthcare providers can access your My Health Record
Your authorised doctor and other healthcare providers connected to the system will see your My Health Record unless you have set access controls.

Next time you see your doctor, ask them to put your health information into your My Health Record!

We may get in touch
A My Health Record representative may contact you to ask you what you think.

Benefits of having a digital health record

Better Access

Your important healthcare information will be available in one place online that is easily accessible by your authorised doctors, specialists, or hospitals.

Even if you move or travel interstate, the information can be viewed securely online, anywhere, any time.

If you want, you can access your health information from any computer with an internet connection. You control who can see it. Once it’s set up you
don’t need to do anything.

Improved Safety

In a medical emergency, healthcare providers connected to the My Health Record system can see your health information to provide you the best possible care quickly.

If you want, you can list any allergies, adverse reactions and medical conditions you may have to help healthcare providers give you better advice
and treatment.

More Convenient

You won’t need to worry about having to remember and repeat your health history like medicines, details of chronic conditions, and dates of recent tests with different or new healthcare providers.

The same goes for your children’s health history like immunisations and medical tests.

Strong Security

If you choose to you can control who sees what information in your My Health Record.

There are strict rules and regulations on who can see or use your My Health Record to protect your health information from misuse or loss. There are penalties for anyone who breaks these.

Privacy Matters

We respect your privacy.

To create a My Health Record, we will collect information about you and your children from Medicare and some other government bodies including your name, date of birth, and Medicare records from the last two years. Registered healthcare provider organisations such as
general practices and hospitals will be able to access your My Health Record when providing healthcare to you. You can set access controls to restrict which healthcare providers can see your health information.

If you don’t want a My Health Record created for you, tell us between 4 April and 27 May 2016. We will need to collect and share information about you and your children with Medicare, and some other government bodies to ensure a My Health Record is not created.

We don’t disclose your information to anyone else, unless required or permitted by law. More information can be found at:

What is included in your My Health Record?

Your My Health Record could contain:
  • Medicines you are taking prescribed by your doctor
  • Your Medicare claims history
  • Your organ donation decision
  • Immunisations recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register
Your doctors and other healthcare providers can see and add information to your My Health Record, including:
  • A summary of your medical history,
  • conditions and treatments
  • Hospital discharge information
  • Diagnostic imaging reports
  • (like ultrasound or x-ray results)
  • Pathology reports (like blood tests)
  • Specialist letters
You can add:
  • Any allergies and adverse reactions you may have
  • Emergency contacts and their details
  • Your personal health notes
  • Your advance care planning information (this records your wishes about your health care in the event that you are too unwell to communicate)
  • Other medicines or vitamins you might be taking, like over-the-counter medicines
You can also customise access to your
My Health Record by setting access controls including restricting who can see your information, or cancel your record, at any time.

My Health Records are being created for people in these areas

Northern Queensland – including Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and Hinterland, Cape York and the Torres Strait

Nepean Blue Mountains in New South Wales – including Hawkesbury, Penrith, Lithgow, and Blue Mountains

Information and help

Where can I get more information or help?

Go to
Call our Help line on 1800 723 471
Visit a Medicare Service Centre

Other help?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders call 1800 723 471

If you are a parent, carer or provide support to a person who requires assistance, and want to know how this affects you, go to:

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use or call 1300 555 727

If you need assistance in another language call 131 450
Italiano / Italian 131 450
/ Arabic 131 450
Tagalog 131 450
日本語 / Japanese 131 450
Deutsch / German 131 450
Espaņol / Spanish 131 450

Some people may not have a My Health Record created because of special circumstances.
For more information, go to:

Our privacy policy contains information about how you can access and correct your information, or complain about a breach of privacy. See or call us on 1800 723 471

Last updated 03 April 2016