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Last updated 13 May 2016

How to use assisted registration

Published 13 May 2016


Assisted registration is voluntary and enables healthcare organisations to help their patients register for a My Health Record. Any registered healthcare organisation can provide assisted registration including hospitals, dentists, pharmacists and general practices.

Assisted registration is already embedded in most practice software so it is straight forward and can be done in five simple steps once you’ve ascertained that the individual is interested in having a My Health Record. For those without the embedded software, a stand-alone Assisted Registration Tool is available. To obtain the Assisted Registration Tool your organisation’s Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) or Responsible Officer (RO) needs to send an email to and provide their full name, email address, contact phone number and the organisation’s name and HPI-O certificate details.

Assisted registration does not have to be time consuming, it can be completed by handing out the assisted registration application form and essential information to the individual to complete while they are waiting to see their doctor, and then returning the forms to administrative staff who are also able to input the individual’s information into their practice software or the Assisted Registration Tool.

Providing assisted registration to individuals can also help healthcare organisations meet the new PIP eHealth Incentive requirements. On 1 May 2016, a new eligibility requirement was introduced for the Practice Incentive Program (PIP) eHealth Incentive that participating practices upload shared health summaries to the My Health Record system for a minimum of 0.5% of their standard whole patient equivalent (SWPE) in order to continue to receive the PIP eHealth Incentive. On average, this equates to 5 shared health summaries per full-time GP per quarter. Whilst assisted registration does not count towards the PIP eHealth target, by growing the number of patients who register for a My Health Record the easier it becomes for healthcare providers to upload shared health summaries and qualify for the incentive.

By providing assisted registration you not only help your patients sign up for a My Health Record, but are able to immediately begin uploading health information to their My Health Record.

If you are unsure about the assisted registration for your organisation, you may refer to the My Health Record website,email the helpline at .
or visit the simple step guide on the website

Last updated 13 May 2016