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Last updated 19 March 2017

My Health Record Statistics – at 19 March 2017

Published 19 March 2017


Over 4.6 million people have a My Health Record, with an average of 1 new record being created every 38 seconds.
Over 8,507,425 prescription and dispense records have been uploaded.
Over 9,787 healthcare providers are connected, including GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, aged care residential services, allied health.
Over 1.7 million clinical documents uploaded.

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This page contains My Health Record statistics to 19 March 2017 .

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Individual registrations

4,678,367 individual registrations

  • Of those registered, 54% are female and 46% are male.
  • Approximately 19% of Australia's total population is registered.

Age breakdown

The percentage of consumers registered for a My Health Record in a specific age bracket.
Age range (years)Percentage (%)
20 or less34%
20 to 3924%
40 to 6426%
65 or higher16%

State breakdown

The percentage of those consumers currently registered for a My Health Record in relation to the total population of each State and Territory.
StatePercentage of state population (%)
Australian Capital Territory22%
South Australia17%
Northern Territory19%
New South Wales20%
Western Australia14%
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Healthcare provider registrations

9,787 Healthcare provider registrations

Organisations registered

Total healthcare providers, broken down into common groups that are registered in the My Health Record system.
Organisation TypeCount
General practices6,003
Public hospital organisations (there may be more than one facility within an organisation)731
Private hospital organisations (there may be more than one facility within an organisation)142
Retail pharmacies1,296
Aged care residential services172
Other categories of health care providers including allied health1,210
Organisations with a cancelled registration 233
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My Health Record Usage

Clinical Document Uploads

Total number of clinical documents uploaded to the My Health Record system by healthcare providers.
Document TypeCount
Shared health summary662,221
Discharge summary835,292
Event summary211,304
Specialist letter40,470
eReferral note29
Diagnostic Imaging Report41,108

Prescription and Dispense Uploads

Total number of prescription and dispense records uploaded to the My Health Record system by healthcare providers and pharmacists.
Document TypeCount
Prescription documents6,566,855
Dispense documents1,940,570

Consumer Documents

Document TypeCount
Consumer Entered Health Summary80,910
Consumer Entered Notes34,853
Advance Care Directive Custodian Report12,775
Advance Care Planning Document867

Medicare Documents

Document TypeCount
Australian Immunisation Register998,277
Australian Organ Donor Register440,751
Medicare/DVA Benefits Report268,781,919
Pharmaceutical Benefits Report184,903,863

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Last updated 19 March 2017