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Last updated 16 June 2017

A new Medicines Information view in the My Health Record

New improvements to the My Health Record System

Over the past year, the Agency has worked with valued partners and the industry in order to deliver value in My Health Record and realise benefits of digital health in Australia. We have incorporated your contributions in crafting this release by consulting over 140 Clinicians and 220 Consumer in order to deliver the best possible outcome. This is just a beginning of our journey towards continuous improvements to My Health Record. If you have any feedback or questions regarding the new features, please contact us with any feedback

1) New Medicines Information view

The next time you access a patient’s My Health Record, you may notice the new Medicines Information view.

The Medicines Information view can quickly sort and display medicines information held in a patient’s My Health Record documents in date or alphabetical order. The medicines information is gathered from:

  • the patient’s most recent (and up to two years’) Prescription and Dispense records and other PBS claims information
  • the patient’s most recent Shared Health Summary and Discharge Summary
  • recent Event summaries, Specialist Letters and e-Referral Notes uploaded to the patient’s record since their latest Shared Health Summary, and
  • the patient’s Personal Health Summary that may include any Allergies or Adverse Reactions and other key information

Healthcare providers can benefit from the Medicines Information view by reducing the time usually required to search through recent summaries or relevant documents to find information about a patient’s medications. The Medicines Information view can also assist in the transition of care and medicines management for patients between their treating doctors and pharmacists.

The Medicines Information view is available under the DOCUMENTS tab in the National Consumer Portal and National Provider Portal.

This view can also be found in most clinical information systems (CIS) under the OTHER DOCUMENTS LIST. Please contact your CIS software vendor if you are unable to access the new Medicines Information view.

Last updated 16 June 2017