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Last updated 16 June 2017

Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging updates

Recently some health services have started to use the capability to upload patient pathology and diagnostic imaging reports to the My Health Record system.

The Australian Digital Health Agency has taken another step towards having a more integrated health industry by announcing that more organisations, both public and private, have begun uploading pathology and diagnostic reports during June.

The benefits of receiving, viewing and storing a patient’s test results in the one place are significant for both the patient and their treating healthcare providers as it enables patients to share their test results with any number of treating providers. Clinicians will also benefit from having access to their patient’s results in circumstances where they did not initiate the requests.

Important to note is that pathology reports uploaded to a My Health Record are available for patient viewing seven days after the Pathology providers makes the upload. This is so that the requesting doctor is able to review the report and discuss the results with the patient before they can see it in their My Health Record.

While there are still limited reports from pathology and diagnostic imaging providers being uploaded into the My Health Record system at this time, the Agency expect to see an increasing number of these reports uploaded as more pathology and diagnostic imaging providers progressively link to the My Health Record system in 2017 and beyond.

Last updated 16 June 2017