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Last updated 13 May 2016

Shared Health Summary vs Event Summary

Published 13 May 2016

Shared Health SummaryEvent Summary
What is it?Represents a patient’s health status at a point in time. This will include known information in four key areas: patient’s medical conditions, medicines, allergies/adverse reactions and immunisations.

A patient has only one current Shared Health Summary at a time.

Captures key health information about a significant healthcare event that is relevant to the ongoing care of the patient,e.g.
indicating a clinical intervention, improvement in a condition or treatment has been started or completed.
Who can create and upload?Shared Health Summaries are prepared and uploaded by a patient’s Nominated Healthcare Provider – the patient’s regular provider.

They can be either a:

    - Medical practitioner registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
    - Nurse registered with AHPRA
    - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner with a Cert IV in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care registered with AHPRA.
Event Summaries are intended for healthcare providers who are not the patient’s regular provider/ Nominated Healthcare Provider.

They can be created and uploaded by any healthcare provider with a Healthcare Provider Identifier–Individual (HPI-I) who is working at a participating healthcare
organisation and involved in the patient’s care.

When to create?Examples include:

    - When completing a patient health assessment (e.g. GP Management Plan, 75+ Assessment, child health check)
    - Significant changes to a patient’s health status in any of the four key areas: patient’s medical conditions, medicines, allergies/adverse reactions or immunisation's.
The Shared Heath Summary should be created in consultation with the patient.
Examples include:

    - Patients visiting an after-hours medical service
    - Holidaying patients
    - Patients visiting from another area
    - Patients receiving an immunisation or flu vaccine.
Generally, an Event Summary is used when it is not appropriate for the healthcare provider to create and upload any of the following:

    - Shared Health Summary
    - Discharge Summary
    - Specialist Letter.
How to create?Software demonstrations can be found on the NEHTA website Software demonstrations on uploading an Event Summary will be available soon. Check the NEHTA website for details.
Where to go for more details?Visit the NEHTA website for more details on Shared Health Summaries. Visit the NEHTA website for more details on Event Summaries .

For more information call the Help Centre: 1300 901 001 or email


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Last updated 13 May 2016