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Last updated 03 April 2016

System issues being fixed (for providers)

This page lists current issues which may impact Healthcare Providers using the My Health Record system.

It includes what is being done to resolve the issue and ways you can work around them in the National Provider Portal and in clinical information systems.

Healthcare Provider personal contact details

1Personal contact details of healthcare providers may be included in clinical documents sent to the My Health Record system by some clinical information systems.

While this may not be known or expected by the relevant healthcare providers it should be noted providers agree to the content of the clinical documents as part of the process of sending documents to the My Health Record system.
Workaround: If concerned, providers should remove or update their personal contact details recorded in clinical information systems.

Resolution: From 2 July 2014, provider’s personal contact details included in clinical documents are not displayed in the Provider or Consumer Portals.

As the issue may present in some clinical information systems, all software vendors have been advised of the issue and directed to NEHTA’s Clinical Usability Program (CUP) reference material for displaying clinical documents.

Child Development section of My Health Record

2A number of issues with Growth Charts include:
  • percentile information is not displayed on the growth tables across all Growth Charts
  • the toggle bar for Observations on a Growth Chart may become unresponsive if the user attempts to toggle between the settings too quickly
  • the plot colour of the Growth Chart is inconsistent between the chart and the legend
  • the Growth Chart gridlines are incorrectly displaying intervals of 3 months rather than 0.5 months on some graphs
  • the reference data line on the Growth Charts is not smooth, and
  • the Growth Chart percentile plot labels overlap each other making them hard to read.
Comment: Most of these are aesthetic / usability issues and system functionality is not affected for providers.

Resolution: These issues will be corrected in a future system release.
3The plot point of an observation on the child's second birthday does not appear on the Observation ChartWorkaround: This information is available in the Observation List table below the chart. The impact to providers is minimal and functionality is not affected.

Resolution: This issue will be corrected in a future system release.

Provider Portal Usability

4Using Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or an unsupported web browser to access the Provider Portal may result in a generic error message stating that the web page could not be found or could not load.Workaround: Providers should use a supported web browser to access the Provider Portal (see the Compatible Browsers and Devices web page).

Resolution: Other web browsers and configurations may work when accessing the Provider Portal. However, only the supported web browsers listed on the Compatible Browsers and Devices web page have been thoroughly tested.
5Some Discharge Summaries uploaded by ACT Health may not display in some Clinical Information Systems.

The problem does not occur with other My Health Record documents from ACT Health nor from other Healthcare Organisations.
Workaround: If an error occurs while attempting to display a Discharge Summary from ACT Health, the document will display in the National Provider Portal and National Consumer Portal.

Resolution: The software used by ACT Health is being corrected in their next product update.
6Pressing the Backspace key in the Provider Portal document search screen may minimise the browser window in some circumstances.Workaround: Providers should refrain from using the Backspace key on the Provider Portal document search screen.

Resolution: This issue is being investigated for possible correction in a future system release.

Last updated 03 April 2016